THE ORIGINAL Silkygloss Body & Face Bundle

€39,90 EUR

We will change the way you exfoliate forever!

Pamper your skin with our Silkygloss Body & Face Glove. This unique exfoliating glove is made of pure silk, the same material your favorite luxury brands use to lovingly polish their garments. Unlike other exfoliation products, Silkygloss glides on silky-smooth to gently remove dead skin cells, leaving you with glowing, healthy and even looking skin. Safe for all ages and even sensitive skin, this magical beauty tool is also excellent for cellulite reduction, preventing ingrown hairs, acne scar removing just to name a few of its benefits. 

- Made from 100% pure silk

- Perfect texture for deep exfoliation

- Handmade in Turkey 

- Packaged in Austria

- Fast & (free option) shipping from our Austria warehouse

Top Benefits Of Silkygloss Gloves Exfoliation

Our 100% pure silk gloves feel great and leave your skin looking revitalised, but what else do they do? 


Here are the benefits of Silkygloss Gloves for your face and body:

- Reduced Strawberry Skin (Keratosis Pilaris)Evens Out

- Skintone/PigmentationReducing & Preventing Ingrown Hairs

- Even Fake Tan Removal

- Unclogged Pores & Fewer Blackheads

- Promotes Collagen Production & Improves Skin Elasticity

- Leaves Skin With A Smooth Feel


These key benefits leave users worldwide with more confidence and improved complexions. 

Always hand wash the Glove with warm/hot water after using and with natural soap only.

Do not machine wash.

Glove might shrink when washing with hot water.

Always air dry the glove before storing in a dry place. 

Do not use the Silkygloss Exfoliating Glove on;

- irritated or sunburnt skin

- inflamed acne or open cuts/wounds

Be extra gentle on your face and sensitive areas of your body. 

Discontinue using if an irritation occurs.

Exfoliation should not be done more than 2x week.

If your skin is dry and sensitive, 1x week might be enough.

For hygiene purposes, it is recommended to replace the glove every 6-8 weeks. 

Shipping ready within 24-48h, we ship with Austrian Post, tracking and insured shipment included.

AT/DE: 2-3 Business days
EU: 2-5 Business days
Rest of the World: 5-7 Business days

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